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Jason Bermingham is an American producer and voice actor based in São Paulo, Brazil. Specialized in recording English-language projects for Portuguese-speaking clients, he has coached for Oscar-nominated directors, consulted on Emmy-winning films, edited and translated several books, organized Brazil's largest voiceover conference, and contributed to the premier audio-tech magazine Sound on Sound. With his wife, Simone Kliass, he has also given talks and workshops at South by Southwest and VO Atlanta in the USA; The VoiceOver Network in England; and Rio2C, HackTown, Path, and Pixel Show in Brazil, among other venues.

Studio Microphone

Professionally engineered room-in-a-room isolation booth for pristine 48kHz, 24-bit recordings

300-Mbps fiber-optic network, studio lighting, and 4K cameras for hassle-free remote sessions via Source-Connect, Source Elements, or other software

A collection of industry-leading gear, plus a full library of UAD plug-ins, for a customizable recording chain


Jason currently voices the audio-description tracks in English for the Hulu Original DreamWorks Animation series "Madagascar: A Little Wild", "TrollsTopia", and "The Mighty Ones". He has narrated national TV campaigns; consulted for Hector Babenco's "My Hindu Friend" (starring Willem DaFoe) and Ricardo Laganaro's "The Line" (2020 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming); and recorded case studies for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Lion recipients at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

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